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« Le point le plus important, c’est clairement: aucune douleur! Ca je tient à le préciser, j’étais très sceptique lorsqu’on m’a dit qu’il y aurait très peu de douleur. C’est pas PEU, c’est PAS de douleur! »

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Videos Testimonials preview

Testimonial Video

« Mon look est plus adouci, et c’est vraiment naturel en plus! J’aime vraiment ça! »

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” Dear Dr Samaha and Staff,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you, and your staff for what you have done for me. I am so happy-thrilled with my new nose! It is amazing how people such as yourselves could be so very talented, kind and understanding. This is something I will have for the rest of my life, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.
Thank you again. ”

” I would like to thank you very much for taking good care of me and checking on me during my recovery from my nose surgery. I am doing very well and so happy with the results!! ”

” Dr. Samaha,
Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my nose. I am extremely pleased with the results! It is exactly what I had hoped or and am eager to see the final outcome. I would also like to thank you and your entire staff for taking such good care if me throughout the entire process. It was a very pleasant experience and I wouldn’t have asked for more. Thanks again.”

” Thank you Dr. Samaha for performing a wonderful rhinoplasty surgery and for being thoughtful and “storing” the leftover cartilage. ”

” Dr. Samaha,
You have changed my life. I feel so much more confident since my rhinoplasty. I don’t avoid having my picture taken from any angle any more. Thank you so much. ”

” Dr. Samaha,
I can’t thank you enough. I am so happy with my new nose. ”

” Dear Dr. Samaha, Lisette and Extraordinary team of nurses,
It has truly been a pleasure being a patient of yours. From the get go I was treated respectfully, graciously and professionally. Dr Samaha, you have the knack of making your patients feel comfortable and confident in your skill. You are a gentlemen with the ability to make or take a joke, people appreciate that. I am extremely fortunate that I chose you as my surgeon. Your secretary and wonderfully warm team of nurses are exceptional. I cannot express how comfortable I felt by all of you during my procedure. I have never felt so supported in my life. I have nothing but kind words to say. I adore my new nose, and I thank you for bringing out its true beauty after all of these years. ”

” I would like to thank and congratulate you for the success of my rhinoplasty performed in July 2011. I am completely satisfied with the current result. I would like to acknowledge the friendliness and professionalism of your surgical team and in particular, the efficiency of your secretary. I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend your clinic. ”

” Contemplated rhinoplasty for almost 18 years. I was always worried that I would get it done and not be happy.From the moment I walked into his office I felt comfortable and at ease. He listened to what I had to say and gave me his expert opinion.I immediately felt secure.I only went to one consultation with him and booked my appointment that day. The day of the surgery I was excited but nervous. His staff members made me feel comfortable. It was over before I knew it. He even called me himself the next day to see how I was doing. The healing time was ok. Other than the bandages I was ok with the pain killers. I slept a lot and was bruised for a week. The bandages came off a week later and I was back at work in ten days doing a presentation with minimal bruising that was easily covered with concealer. My friends and family have said that I look great. It’s so natural no one would know. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Samaha. I’m also a make-up artist and refer him often to my clients. ”

” I recently had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Samaha and I have only good things to say about this experience. My nose looks much better than before, and although there is still alot swelling, recovery was fast, there was very little discomfort, and now I’m much more confident in public than I used to be. I’m really looking forward to the final results (which I know can take a while). Dr. Samaha was extremely knowledgable, attentive, honest, and a true professional. His prices are also very fair, depending on the type of work needed. His nurses and staff were absolutely amazing. Highly recommended! ”

” I had a rhinoplasty on march 22 2012 with doctor Samaha and now after 6 months I can say that I am very pleased by the results.We all want a natural result and that is what the doctor gave me . Most important , I can now breath well and look better at the same time !!! The surgery was painless , great staff , beeing somewhat awake thrue the operation I could only feel safe because it was obvious that dr Samaha is an expert at his field.I bruise easely , therefore I looked terrible for a week , the creature from blue lagoon but it gradually all faded away with time .Also you may have a shock when you have your first look at your” new ” nose , you may ,like me, freak out a bit at the ” Avatar ” look but it’s just the swelling , you must be patient, a nose job take’s the longest to settle into place . I recommend doctor Samaha , i’m really glad I chose him for this surgery .The doctor now has pictures on his website it’s worth a look ! ”

” Dr. Samaha performed a septoplasty/rhinoplasty on me a few weeks ago, I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions i’ve made. I’m so happy with the results and it’s still a little swollen so it’s just gonna get better. Amazing staff, everything went very well. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of undergoing this type of procedure. He’s amazing. Thank you! ”

” I recently had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Samaha and I have only good things to say about this experience. My nose looks much better than before, and although there is still swelling, recovery was fast, there was very little discomfort, and now I’m much more confident in public than I used to be. I’m really looking forward to the final results (which I know can take a while). Dr. Samaha was extremely knowledgable, attentive, honest, and a true professional. His prices are also very fair, depending on the type of work needed. His nurses and staff were absolutely amazing. Highly recommended! ”

” Probably the best experience I’ve had at a plastic surgeon’s office thus far. I consulted because I’ve been unhappy with the result of a primary rhinoplasty I had with another doctor in 2006. Dr. Samaha saw the problem right away (while my initial doctor told me I should be happy with the result) and he proposed filler injections to correct the problem. The procedure was done the same day and it took about 20 minutes. I am thrilled with the result. I also appreciated his bedside manner. His staff is lovely also, not pretentious or fake friendly like some other places I’ve been to. And I waited a total of 10 minutes to see the doctor. ”

” I got a septorhinoplasty for a deviated septum on august 20th and I am very happy with the results. Its been a week already and I feel great. It’s still a bit swollen but it looks very natural and the breathing is a lot better than before the surgery.DR Samaha is very knowledgeable and I recommend him to everyone. ”

” I had a rhinoplasty done on 16th of August and I am very happy with the results! Dr. Samaha did an excellent work: my nose looks very natural and it fits my face perfectly! It is narrower, shorter, yet I can breathe better than before. He is a true professional. I had my nose broken when I was young and I wanted to fix it for a long time, however a thought of plastic surgery always scared me. A doctor specialized in ear, nose and throat recommended me Dr. Samaha. It was my first surgery ever so I did not know what to expect. I never had general anaesthesia, so I can’t compare, but I did not experience any discomfort with local anaesthesia. No pain and no sickness afterwards…you fall asleep and when you wake up it’s over. I am very happy I finally did it! ”

” I had rhinoplasty performed by doctor Samaha and I am very happy with the results. I asked for my nose to be subtle and natural and I got exactly that! Dr Samaha was always very nice and listened to exactly what I wanted. The nurses at the clinic were also great and very comforting. The procedure went very well it was not painful at all. I had an easy pain free recovery and was able to go back to work when the cast was removed. Highly recommend this doctor if you are looking at having rhinoplasty in montreal! ”

” I am very satisfied with the results of the surgery. My impression is that Dr. Samaha must really be among the best doctor for a rhinoplastie. Of course I was a bit uncomfortable during, and mostly after the surgery. It was definitely worth it however. I had confidence in Dr. Samaha skills and was not deceive. On a personnal level this doctor is very calm and confident, and from my experience I was able to build trust very easily. He also called me at home a few days after the surgery to make sure everything was fine. ”

” Absolutely fantastic surgeon. I had rhinoplasty just last week and am healing beautifully. The man is an artist. Fabulous bedside manner. I did not feel a thing during the surgery nor after. This was my first surgery and what a great experience! Really the best doctor, such a genuinely nice person. I am so happy I chose Dr. Samaha for my rhinoplasty! ”

” I had rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Samaha last September. I am extremely pleased with the results. My case was complicated because of the thick skin on the tip of the nose. The new nose is very natural-looking and more in harmony with my face. Surgery was pain-less and recovery very fast. I was back at work after 8 days. Dr. Samaha is an excellent surgeon. ”

” I had been referred to Dr. Samaha by my allergist to perform polyp surgery on my nose! I had not heard of him prior. I had my surgery two days ago and felt the need to rate him due to his amazing excellent bed side manner! I was beyond pleased with his calmness during my complications after surgery! He handles things very calmly and really made me feel like I was in good hands! I highly recommend him as a doctor! ”

” Dr Samaha is truly the best facial plastic surgeon in the city. From his professional advise to the patient explanation of every procedure in depth and detail. Dr Samaha listened to me and what I wanted my nose to look like. With all confidence the rhinoplasty was done with out a hitch and looked as beautiful as he said it would be. His bed side manner before and after the surgery was outstanding and very rare I would say with doctors these days. I recently re visited Dr Samaha for yet another one of Dr Samaha’s specialty Botox and received the same great consultation and result! My face is glowing, refreshed and ready for summer! As I said Dr Samaha best facial surgeon in the city HIGHLY recommended. You will not be disappointed. Oh and his secretary is the sweetest! ”

” I had a rhinoplasty 3 1/2 months ago and I am beyond happy! Not only was the operation smooth and without pain, the recovery was very quick. Having my wisdom tooth removed was worst and more painful than my nose job. The result is wonderful. It’s natural and discreet. He works so your face is enhance not transformed. People can’t even tell I had a surgery. Dr Samaha is an artist! ”

” I just had rhinoplasty performed by dr Samaha and I am beyond happy with the result. As soon as I met Dr Samaha I felt comfortable talking to him. He took time to answer all my questions and made sure we were on the same page with regards to my expectations. The result is exactly as we had discussed : my nose is feminine, matches my face perfectly and most importantly it looks natural. On the day of the operation his staff was very professional and comforting. My overall experience with Dr Samaha was great beyond all my expectations. I strongly recommend Dr Samaha! ”

” Dr Samaha made my experience with rhinoplasty go by very smoothly. He is courteous, easy to talk to, and makes sure you both have the same expectations before going ahead. He did work on my nose last week and I’m very happy with the results. The recovery time was relatively short and easy. ”

” i had a rhinoplasty done by dr. samaha 2 months ago, and i must say that the result is nothing less than perfect, a great surgeon, i most deffinetly recommend him to anyone wishing to undergo a rhinoplasty. ”


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